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Contact Tom Kracht at  or call (425) 821-0339, or Tom Masterson at, or call (360) 710-2570.

SOVREN, the Society Of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts, is here to help people race vintage cars in a safe, fun, and exciting environment. We’re a Seattle-based non-profit vintage racing organization with over 500 members throughout Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, and British Columbia. Our members are owners and admirers of older sports cars with racing histories. Ownership of a vintage racecar is not necessary for SOVREN membership or to volunteer or officiate at SOVREN races.

Become an Official with SOVREN — and the greatest cars and people in the world of racing
Race officials and volunteers have more fun — and responsibility — than anyone! Motorsports is more than just driving, and there are a many ways to get involved. Running an event requires the talents of a wide variety of dedicated individuals. Those wanting to lend a hand are warmly welcomed and are rewarded with adventure, camaraderie, and friendship. There are lots of jobs to do – one of them will be just right for you. Contact us. Our Specialty Chiefs will help you register for an event even if you have no experience. We will provide the basic training and pair you up with an experienced official — soon you will grow into the position you like best.

EMERGENCY SERVICES This exciting job has the responsibility of responding to incidents on the track when called by the corner volunteers. The activities include fire fighting, emergency medical assessment and extrication of trapped or injured drivers. Emergency also coordinates the retrieval of broken racecars off the track in a safe manner.

FLAGGING & COMMUNICATION These are the folks dressed in white, trackside at each turn. They use flags to inform drivers of track conditions, operate a race control radio net to inform race stewards and officials of events on the track, and handle first response to incidents

STARTERS Starters handle the flags in the tower, from green to checkered. They’re responsible for starting races, tracking progress and throwing flags to indicate everything from hazardous surface conditions to emergency vehicles on the course.

GRID AND PRE-GRID Grid marshals place the cars in proper order for races and perform traffic control as cars are released to the track. They check driver safety gear and that cars permitted on track have passed inspection. It’s a great chance to get up close and personal with the cars and their drivers.

TIMING & SCORING Timing & Scoring is one of the most challenging of specialties, responsible for determining lap times and track position. You have to actually see the T&S volunteers in action to realize all that they do tracking a race in progress.

SCRUTINEERING (Tech) Tech inspectors check cars for safety and rules compliance and ensure that each driver’s gear is in good condition. They manage impound and verify that the top finishing cars are in legal racing condition.

REGISTRATION Registrars sign everybody in race day and ensure that racers have paid their entry fees and have the necessary identification and passes. If you like volunteering with people, this may be for you. You may volunteer here in the morning and elsewhere in the afternoon.

STEWARDS Some highly experienced participants and officials become stewards. Operating Stewards are responsible for overall management of a race. Stewards of the Meeting are responsible for judicial aspects of the event such as car legality and handling protests.

COURSE MARSHALS Course Marshals maintain and deliver equipment to the corners and provide equipment and course support as needed during an event.

RACE COMMUNICATIONS This term covers the smaller subspecialties, covering those people that assist in various tasks that are not in a “hot area” of the track. Examples include the track announcer as well as the people who plan the “after hours” activities such as dinners and parties. Drivers Services, Trophies and Radio Tech are also in this specialty. These are all people needed to make a successful event

An extra bonus Every SOVREN official receives a free subscription to Vintage Drift, the country’s premier vintage racing magazine.

How to Get Started

While you’re at the races, check out what the various officials are doing. Then when you are interested in finding out how to get involved and being a part of all the excitement, contact Tom Kracht at  or call (425) 821-0339, or Tom Masterson at, or call (360) 710-2570.