All forms on this page are printable. For completing race registration online please visit the corresponding event page.

2018 Race Entry Forms
Vehicle Forms

Car Registration Form 2018
Any participant seeking entry into a SOVREN sanctioned event is required to have a current copy of the Car Registration Form on file with the Competition Chairman. When more than one car is entered, each must have its own CRF. All questions should be completed with no blanks left unanswered. If a question doesn’t apply to your vehicle, such as door panels on a Formula car, put “NA” in the blank.

Driver Forms

Medical Form
You need a current, valid SOVREN or other Vintage Motorsports Council affiliated club Medical Card to participate in a SOVREN event.

Membership Form NEW 2018 Membership Form!
There are four types of membership: Racing, Family, Associate and Lifetime.

License Form
Standard SOVREN racing license.

Advanced License Form
For the following Exhibition Class purpose built race cars:

  • Sports Racers over 1800cc
  • Formula FSV, FB, FA, F2
  • Formula 5000 and Formula 1
  • Can-Am

In view of the advanced driving ability that the above cars require, an advanced license is required by SOVREN.

2017 Membership Handbook
Printable version of SOVREN’s handbook for rules and regulations.

2017 New Driver Orientation Booklet