Hot Summer Heights at The Ridge

TBD, 2018 | The Ridge Motorsports Park

Photo credit: Bob Pengraph

A strong push by you drivers got his event back on the calendar. You wanted it, so come out and have some fun discovering or rediscovering this exciting racing complex. The Ridge has seen many new improvements since we first raced there four years ago and is getting closer to reaching their stated goal of being the finest such facility in the Northwest.

We will share the weekend with the SCCA, but plan to have a full racing schedule for you — and we are NOT running with SCCA vintage (although THEY are welcome to run with US). August is a great season in this part of the state which was the capital of racing in the Northwest sixty years ago.

Turn2 will be having a test n tune on Friday August 11 before our event. It will be 7-20 minute sessions with a catered BBQ lunch included for $350.

Instructors are available also

Tom Pritchett runs Turn2 and he can be contacted 425-417-3675

Here’s the link to the TnT registration page:


Race Registration

See You Next Year!