There has been a lot written about SVRA rules and how they will be
enforced for Portland this year. Given the amount of emails flying around I
thought I might try and clear up some of the confusion and worry. SVRA has
invited guests from CSRG, VARA and SOVERN to attend the Portland Historic
Vintage Race. By definition we will be honoring all three clubs this year in
an effort to bring the vintage community together in the Pacific Northwest
to have fun. For this year’s event, we will be allowing drivers to race
prep their cars based on their existing club rules.
It would not be fair or
realistic to require changes without ample time to prepare the cars. We will
inspect the cars and provide safety feedback so all entrants will understand
why we have gravitated to the current SVRA safety rules. We are giving back
$50.00 per entry to each of the clubs who have members that attend.

I have read several emails revolving around three items, so for the sake of
clarity please be aware of following:

Brakes: SVRA rules require a dual master cylinder or single master cylinder
and an Emergency/ Hand brake. For this year we allow what you have in place
with your current club if they allow it. From our point of view a dual
master cylinder should be doable in 99% of the cars that race today except
for prewar. In most cases a master cylinder costs less than $100.00. Having
a safety net of a second point of failure for brakes only makes sense.

Fuel cells are required by SVRA except in Pre-War cars. In this event we are
honoring other clubs rules. If your current club of CSRG, SOVERN or VARA
does not require a fuel cell, for this year only, we will accept the car as
you currently race it.

Tires: We do not and will not allow slicks on production cars. Treaded
tires are mandatory on all production race cars even if your current club
allows for it. Hopefully for the sake of trying to create a fair event this
will not be a problem.

We were successful in securing 115DB sound variance and have Historic
TransAm join us for the weekend as a feature run group. This is the first
time this event has ever been granted 115db. We have a concert with Mitch
Ryder and the Detroit Wheels planned, a huge car show and fire work display.
My team has really worked hard to build this event up to be a very special
weekend. I hope everyone in the vintage community gives it a fair chance. I
think you will have a blast.

Should you need further clarification on Portland feel free to contact me at
the number below.



Tony Parella

President and CEO


1598 Hart Street, Suite 100

Southlake, TX 76092