SOVREN, the Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts, is an organization of over 400 members who, as the name implies, are vintage racing enthusiasts. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and competition of pre-war, vintage and historic racing automobiles (those manufactured generally prior to December 31, 1985–see Competition Rules for eligibility).

Ownership of a vintage race car is not necessary for membership, as we welcome non-car owners, especially those who might want to volunteer to help with our events. Our members range from individuals who enjoy the spirit and camaraderie of vintage racing through restoration and wheel to wheel competition to those who enjoy working on the sidelines as pit crews, officials or turn workers to those who simply enjoy the thrill of watching these old race cars come to life again.

There are four types of membership: Racing, Family, Associate and Lifetime. Please see the membership application in the Forms section of the website.


In 1985, Seattle Porsche enthusiast Dick Mattei decided that there was a need for a vintage racing organization in the Pacific Northwest. Approximately 100 enthusiasts were recruited at a meeting in 1986, and 15 of them became the charter members of SOVREN, an acronym coined by Mattei.

The club originally was organized to include both racing and touring; however, it soon became evident that the members’ main interest was in wheel to wheel competition.

In 1989, SOVREN, in conjunction with the Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts, held their first Pacific Northwest Historics at Seattle International Raceway. Approximately 59 cars participated, and tradition was established. In the years since, the number and quality of cars and the fun for participants and spectators has increased significantly. In 1990, the Historics became a fund raiser for Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center in Seattle and 68 cars participated and $7500 was raised. Over the years SOVREN has worked hand in hand with the SOVREN Guild and the Historics have raised millions of dollars, most of which goes directly towards uncompensated care at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

SOVREN competition rules recognize three groups of cars: Pre-War (pre-1941), Vintage (1941-1972), and Historic (1973-1985). Formula (single-seat) race cars must meet criteria of the “Monoposto Register,” which allows cars up to 1989.

For SOVREN membership information, please call Sherri Masterson, SOVREN Registrar, (360) 479-6082 or email