SOVREN’s mission is to promote the preservation of our cars in a vintage racing format that emphasizes driver safety and etiquette. To carry out this goal SOVREN offers no prizes or recognition of finishing place. Our season championship is based upon participation rather than finishing order. The goal is to reward those persons who participate in our events with a well-prepared car and with an attitude towards racing that will enable them to complete all of the racing laps at each event.

The season overall championship is divided into four groups: Vintage cars, Historic Small Bore cars, Historic Large Bore cars, and Formula, Sportsracing, and Exhibition cars. Ten (10) points are awarded for registering at an event and passing technical inspection. An additional one (1) point is awarded for each lap completed in the race(s) at the event. No points are awarded for special races at an event such as an enduro or handicap race. In addition, ten (10) points are awarded to licensed drivers who sign up and work under the direction of the Novice committee at the annual Novice Program. At the Maryhill event ten (10) points are awarded for registering at the event, ten (10) points for passing technical inspection, ten (10) points for participation in the concours at the Maryhill Museum, and 2 (two) points for each timed run on the course up the Maryhill Loops Road. Trophies are presented for the first three places in each group at the annual Awards Banquet in January.

Below is a list of our annual events. For information on this year’s events and a preview of next year’s events click on the race name below. Races denoted with an asterisk are non SOVREN events but count towards season points championship.