Maryhill Loops Hill Climb

TBD, 2018 | Goldendale, WA

Photo Credit: James Buckingham

What a way to say goodbye to the season! The Hillclimb now sees a diverse group of cars but remains a SOVREN points event. It’s a unique experience for any motorsports enthusiast, as very few hillclimb events are still available anywhere in the world. Driving it at speed is a dizzying ascension not for the faint of heart, with long drop-offs just a few feet away all the way to the top.

And a word to the wise: this is the last chance to get seasonal points and the Group championships have often been decided right here. The Saturday car show at the nearby Maryhill Museum is an event not to be missed; driving down the highway from the hillclimb venue to the Museum grounds is a thrill in itself.


Race Registration

CONTACT: Starke Shelby, 206.388.6152